Los Angeles County (incorporated as the County of Los Angeles)[1] is a county in the U.S. state of California. As of 2010 U.S. Census, the county had a population of 9,818,605, making it the most populous county in the United States. Los Angeles County alone is more populous than 42 individual U.S. states. The county seat is the city of Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the second-largest city in the United States (after New York City).

The county is home to 88 incorporated cities and many unincorporated areas. At Template:Convert, it is larger than the combined areas of the states of Rhode Island and Delaware.

Los Angeles County also includes two offshore islands, San Clemente Island and Santa Catalina Island.

The county is home to over a quarter of all California residents. One of the most diverse counties in the country, it holds most of the principal cities composing the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and is the core of the five counties that make up the Greater Los Angeles Area.


Template:See also Los Angeles County was one of the original counties of California, created at the time of statehood in 1850.[2] The county's large area included parts of what is now Kern County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Orange County. These parts of the county's territory were given to San Bernardino County in 1853, to Kern County in 1866 and to Orange County in 1889. In 1893, part of San Bernardino County became Riverside County.


According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of Template:Convert, of which Template:Convert (or 85.45%) is land and Template:Convert (or 14.55%) is water.[3] Los Angeles County borders Template:Convert of coast on the Pacific Ocean and encompasses towering mountain ranges, deep valleys, forests, islands, lakes, rivers, and desert. The Los Angeles River, Rio Hondo, the San Gabriel River and the Santa Clara River flow in Los Angeles County, while the primary mountain ranges are the Santa Monica Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains. The western extent of the Mojave Desert begins in the Antelope Valley, in the northeastern part of the county. Most of the population of Los Angeles County is located in the south and southwest, with major population centers in the Los Angeles Basin, San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Other population centers are found in the Santa Clarita Valley, Crescenta Valley and Antelope Valley.

The county is divided west-to-east by the rugged San Gabriel Mountains, filled with coniferous forests and subject to plentiful snowfall in the winter. The San Gabriel Mountains are part of the Transverse Ranges of southern California, and are contained mostly within the Angeles National Forest. Most of the highest peaks in the county are located in the San Gabriel Mountains, including Mount San Antonio (10,068 ft) at the Los Angeles-San Bernardino county lines, Mount Baden-Powell (9,399 ft), Mount Burnham (8,997 ft), and the well-known Mount Wilson (5,710 ft) where the Mount Wilson Observatory is located. Several smaller, lower mountains are located in the northern, western, and southwestern parts of the county, including the San Emigdio Mountains, the southernmost part of Tehachapi Mountains, and the Sierra Pelona Mountains.

Major divisions of the countyEdit

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Main article: List of cities in Los Angeles County, California

There are 88 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County. The most populous are as follows: [4]

Unincorporated areas in Los Angeles CountyEdit

Despite the large number of incorporated cities, most of the area of the county is unincorporated, and falls directly under the county government's jurisdiction. With no city government, residents of these areas must petition the appropriate member of the Board of Supervisors when they have a grievance about the quality of local services.Template:Citation needed

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Communities not census-designatedEdit

See: Los Angeles Almanac MAP: Unincorporated Areas and Communities of Los Angeles County

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Transportation infrastructureEdit

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The county has an extensive freeway network of legendary size and complexity, which is maintained by Caltrans and patrolled by the California Highway Patrol. It also has a vast urban and suburban street network, most of which is maintained by city governments. The county and most cities generally do a decent job of maintaining and cleaning streets. For more information about the primary exception, see the Transportation in Los Angeles article.

Both the freeways and streets are notorious for severe traffic congestion, and the area's freeway-to-freeway interchanges regularly rank among the top 10 most congested points in the country.

In addition to Metro Bus service, numerous cities within the county also operate their own bus companies and shuttle lines.

Major highwaysEdit


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), located in the Westchester district, is the primary commercial airport for commercial airlines in the county and the Greater Los Angeles Area. LAX is operated by Los Angeles World Airports, an agency of the City of Los Angeles. Other important commercial airports in Los Angeles County include:

The following general aviation airports also are located in Los Angeles County:

County operated airports (Department of Public Works, Aviation Division)
City operated airports

The U.S. Air Force also has two airports in Los Angeles County:


Los Angeles is a major freight railroad transportation center, largely due to the large volumes of freight moving in and out of the county's port facilities. The ports are connected to the downtown rail yards and to the main lines of Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe headed east via a grade-separated, freight rail corridor known as the Alameda Corridor.

Passenger rail service is provided in the county by Amtrak, Los Angeles Metro Rail and Metrolink.

Amtrak has the following intercity Amtrak service at Union Station in the city of Los Angeles.

Union Station is also the primary hub for Metrolink commuter rail, which serves much of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Light rail, subway (heavy rail), and long-distance bus service are all provided by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).


The county's two main seaports are the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. Together they handle over a quarter of all container traffic entering the United States, making the complex the largest and most important port in the country, and the third-largest port in the world by shipping volume.

The Port of Los Angeles is the largest cruise ship center on the West Coast, handling more than 1 million passengers annually.

The Port of Long Beach is home to the Sea Launch program, which uses a floating launch platform to insert payloads into orbits that would be difficult to attain from existing land-based launch sites.

Ferries link the Catalina Island city of Avalon to the mainland.


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Los Angeles County is commonly associated with the entertainment industry; all six major film studios—Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and Walt Disney Studios—are located within the county. Beyond motion picture and television program production, other major industries of Los Angeles County are international trade supported by the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, music recording and production, aerospace, and professional services such as law and medicine.

For major companies headquartered in the City of Los Angeles, and adjacent cities, see the Economy section of the Los Angeles, California article.

The following major companies have headquarters in Los Angeles County cities not adjacent to the city of Los Angeles:




The 2010 United States Census reported that Los Angeles County had a population of 9,818,605 - the most populous county in the United States. The racial makeup of Los Angeles County was 4,936,599 White, 856,874 African American, 72,828 Native American, 1,346,865 Asian, 26,094 Pacific Islander, 2,140,632 from other races, and 438,713 from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4,687,889 persons.[9]

Population reported at 2010 United States Census
The County
two or
more races
or Latino
(of any race)
Los Angeles County 9,818,6054,936,599856,87472,8281,346,86526,0942,140,632438,7134,687,889
two or
more races
or Latino
(of any race)
Agoura Hills 20,33017,147267511,521245907301,936
Alhambra 83,08923,5211,28153843,9578110,8052,90628,582
Arcadia 56,36418,19168118633,353162,3521,5856,799
Artesia 16,5226,446589946,131402,6305925,910
Avalon 3,7282,313202249131,1371742,079
Azusa 46,36126,7151,4995624,0548711,2702,17431,328
Baldwin Park 75,39033,11991367410,6968527,0792,82460,403
Bell 35,47719,098337315259813,8991,56133,028
Bell Gardens 42,07220,8243774762613718,7871,31040,271
Bellflower 76,61632,33710,7607318,86561519,7323,57640,085
Beverly Hills 34,10928,112746483,032124851,6741,941
Bradbury 1,04865222427605935218
Burbank 103,34075,1672,60048612,007897,9994,99225,310
Calabasas 23,05819,341375481,99383689251,481
Carson 91,71421,86421,85651823,5222,38617,1514,41735,417
Cerritos 49,04111,3413,38813130,3631381,8221,8585,883
Claremont 34,92624,6661,6511724,564382,0151,8206,919
Commerce 12,8236,9309616114094,88660112,114
Compton 96,45524,94231,68865529271834,9143,24662,669
Covina 47,79627,9372,0135325,6841049,2302,29625,030
Cudahy 23,80511,7083332461372410,3391,01822,850
Culver City 38,88323,4503,6941915,742813,3642,3619,025
Diamond Bar 55,54418,4342,28817829,1441063,2372,15711,138
Downey 111,77263,2554,3298207,80422130,7974,54678,996
Duarte 21,32111,0761,5871793,361264,10898410,190
El Monte 113,47544,0588701,08328,50313135,2053,62578,317
El Segundo 16,65412,997337681,458387999572,609
Gardena 58,82914,49814,35234815,40042611,1362,66922,151
Glendale 191,719136,2262,57353131,43412212,1468,68733,414
Glendora 50,07337,5829303453,999524,7562,40915,348
Hawaiian Gardens 14,2546,4775461781,513574,92955411,010
Hawthorne 84,29327,67823,3855655,64297422,1273,92244,572
Hermosa Beach 19,50616,928229491,111463258181,632
Hidden Hills 1,8561,7133734213030123
Huntington Park 58,11429,7764407523932824,5352,19056,445
Industry 21912910180638115
Inglewood 109,67325,56248,1647511,48435028,8604,50255,449
Irwindale 1,4228331229348448581,288
La Cañada Flintridge 20,24613,959109245,21452456901,267
La Habra Heights 5,3253,855472684163332171,254
La Mirada 48,52729,4621,0993948,6501426,6702,11019,272
La Puente 39,81619,6585584303,3564214,3161,45633,896
La Verne 31,06323,0571,0652652,381612,8221,4129,635
Lakewood 80,04844,8206,97356413,1157449,2494,58324,101
Lancaster 156,63377,73432,0831,5196,81036229,7288,39759,596
Lawndale 32,76914,2743,3203013,2693679,3741,86420,002
Lomita 20,25611,9871,0751742,9231402,6801,2776,652
Long Beach 462,257213,06662,6033,45859,4965,25393,93024,451188,412
Los Angeles 3,792,6211,888,158365,11828,215426,9595,577902,959175,6351,838,822
Lynwood 69,77227,4447,16846445720631,6522,38160,452
Malibu 12,64511,5651482032815182387769
Manhattan Beach 35,13529,686290593,023494091,6192,440
Maywood 27,39514,244166208872011,4951,17526,696
Monrovia 36,59021,9322,5002794,107765,8181,87814,043
Montebello 62,50033,6335676346,8505818,4312,32749,578
Monterey Park 60,26911,68025224240,301286,0221,74416,218
Norwalk 105,54952,0894,5931,21312,70043129,9544,56974,041
Palmdale 152,75074,90122,6771,3166,54833538,7738,20083,097
Palos Verdes Estates 13,43810,346161212,322894486631
Paramount 54,09822,9886,3344401,62941920,0232,26542,547
Pasadena 137,12276,55014,65082719,59513418,6756,69146,174
Pico Rivera 62,94237,4116028711,6144220,0692,33357,400
Pomona 149,05871,56410,9241,76312,68828245,1716,666105,135
Rancho Palos Verdes 41,64325,6981,0158012,077417481,9843,556
Redondo Beach 66,74849,8051,8522918,0041992,7253,87210,142
Rolling Hills 1,8601,43729530322460102
Rolling Hills Estates 8,0675,463109192,0078120341499
Rosemead 53,76411,34827339632,617327,9401,15818,147
San Dimas 33,37124,0381,0842333,496482,8281,64410,491
San Fernando 23,64512,068222314248339,87788321,867
San Gabriel 39,71810,07638822024,091433,7621,13810,189
San Marino 13,1475,4345557,0392198414855
Santa Clarita 176,320125,0055,6231,01315,02527221,1698,21351,941
Santa Fe Springs 16,2239,514371233677314,71268513,137
Santa Monica 89,73669,6633,5263388,0531244,0473,98511,716
Sierra Madre 10,9178,9672014483593904711,628
Signal Hill 11,0164,6501,502832,2451351,7786233,472
South El Monte 20,11610,1361072502,211126,71868217,079
South Gate 94,39647,6458908787329940,6243,52889,442
South Pasadena 25,61913,9227711077,97391,4221,4154,767
Temple City 35,55811,94128315019,803312,3161,0346,853
Torrance 145,43874,3333,95555450,2405307,8088,01823,440
Vernon 1129940207048
Walnut 29,1726,9138246918,567281,7501,0215,575
West Covina 106,09845,4324,7411,04527,33319822,6414,70856,471
West Hollywood 34,39928,9791,1151031,874341,0491,2453,613
Westlake Village 8,2707,326981249013114217533
Whittier 85,33155,1171,0921,0933,26212320,8483,79656,081
two or
more races
or Latino
(of any race)
Acton 7,5966,564577015554512941,373
Agua Dulce 3,3422,8545924783223101611
Alondra Park 8,5923,716806321,396482,1674274,304
Altadena 42,77722,56910,1363002,307714,8522,54211,502
Avocado Heights 15,4118,5641361071,359134,72650612,648
Castaic 19,01513,6076301192,162261,4661,0054,716
Charter Oak 9,3105,602405851,035181,6934724,546
Citrus 10,8665,89824012086043,3024427,911
Del Aire 10,0016,052458609221311,8155634,724
Desert View Highlands 2,3601,286182295016691431,253
East La Mirada 9,7577,02217878462201,5574404,907
East Los Angeles 126,49663,9348171,5491,1446354,8464,143122,784
East Pasadena 6,1443,183183471,58978572782,139
East Rancho Dominguez 15,1354,7742,404133331097,15652612,407
East San Gabriel 14,8745,037243587,42131,6025103,700
Elizabeth Lake 1,7561,5912192314764231
Florence-Graham 63,38723,8955,8614981502530,7042,25457,066
Green Valley 1,0279018111213559123
Hacienda Heights 54,03821,87374331520,065999,1991,74424,608
Hasley Canyon 1,1379661522617552244
La Crescenta-Montrose 19,65312,807142705,375125337142,232
Ladera Heights 6,4989794,786202312134346355
Lake Hughes 649544197515419104
Lake Los Angeles 12,3286,8621,388178116273,0686896,604
Lennox 22,7538,62376519917718811,81199021,162
Leona Valley 1,6071,4561142805157198
Littlerock 1,3778087516241137370745
Marina del Rey 8,8667,0714653174910154386686
Mayflower Village 5,5152,92983281,73444912461,521

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