Flo during her season of the Bad Girls Club'

Birth name

Florina Marie Kaja


September 1 1982 (1982-09-01) (age 36)

Place of birth

Staten Island, New York



Bad Girls Club season


First episode appearence

Off The Wall

Last episode appearence

Go With The Flo

Most popular episode(s)

Bad Break, Go With The Flo and Reunion Part. II

Florina "Flo" Kaja was a contestant on the fourth season of the Bad Girls Club which aired from December 2, 2009 to March 31, 2010 on Oxygen in the United States. Florina was nicknamed "Flo" prior to her season of the Bad Girls Club by her personal friends and family, to shorten her first given name. Flo first starred in season 4, in episode one, Off The Wall and confess to her roommates that she was bisexual. Flo then became the first "bad girl" to ever confess of bisexuality, while others hid their sexuality or didn't reconzied it while on the show. Flo was then paralized after an altercation with Amber McWha during the ninth episode, but she later recovered before she voluntarily left the show during the twelth episode. Flo stated, during her exiting, that she felt that the other roommates didn't care about her nor respected her life and concluding that everyone in her hometown likes her. During the reunion, Flo contradicted herself by stating that she had left so she couldn't physically harm anyone.

Flo is more recongized as the person who helped other lesbians and bisexuals to appear in future Bad Girls Club seasons after her. After the Bad Girls Club, Flo continues to appear in interviews in which she is constantly asked about her current friendship status with Natalie Nunn. Flo also appeared in the Bad Girls Club special entitled Top 10 OMG's in Bad Girls Club History which aired a week after season 5's part two reuinon had aired.

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Florina first made her appearence in the Bad Girls Club on the fourth season.

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