Oxygen Dropping BGC

    July 15, 2014 by BGCLUVER

    Ok so I dont want to make a big fuss or anything, but word on the sites are the network Oxygen is trying too make a whole new approach for their channel, dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a different look. But when you decide too drop the one thing that makes you unique then your just trying to fit in with the rest. Personally I think that oxygen sees other channels (i.e Bravo, VH1) shooting off into the sky, that they feel the need to match for success. First of all Bravo and VH1 have been around much longer giving them experience and the shows their running are distinctive and made for those channels. BGC which is their top hit show is what's bringing oxygen glory, I love BGC because of the drama, fights as much as the next g…

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